Chuck Brine from Corn Dog Dyes


In this episode, we hear from musician, dancer, and tie-dye artist Chuck Brine.

He’s not like a paid dancer…but I’ve got a dope GIF of him dancing to Midnight Airwaves. Chuck has a great, friendly and open personality, and it was really fun to meet him.

Chuck and his operation known as Corn Dog Dyes, offer a wide range of apparel, and accessories in handmade tie-dye patterns. You can check out some of his available work Here. And you can also find him all over the Piedmont at art festivals and markets selling his wares right off the rack.

He’s also one hell of a songwriter, as he delivers intimate songs that are slightly embellished biographical stories of his life. They draw you in and have you tapping your foot and nodding to the familiar stories.

Special thanks to the guys in Midnight Airwave for hosting us that weekend.

Speaking of Midnight Airwaves, you can catch them, along with The Donned Deads, The Black Eyed Kids, and Cowboy Mutilators on October 28th. This is a house party, so we recommend you hit any of those bands up on Facebook, and I’m sure you’ll get the hookup.

Until next time…

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