Culture Shift 2: This Ain’t Your Pappy’s Rock Show

Culture Shift 2


Every week, across the Queen City, artists stand on stages and perform their craft to hundreds of un-interested patrons. Minimal promotion and a “background music” mentality leaves many of these young musicians, poets, and artists feeling lost, dejected, and frustrated. Some of the area’s best bands perform most of their sets in front of folks that would just as soon carry on their conversation as a shouting match than listen to the music already in their ear.

Patrick Buckley is out to change that.

Patrick is young, motivated, extremely focused and willing to break the paradigm of music promotion in Charlotte in order to get artists to see their value and demand fair treatment. A drum instructor at the Charlotte Academy of Music and graduate of Western Carolina State’s Entrepreneurship program, he is gifted with the ability to educate as well as perform. Patrick is also the organizer and promoter of Culture Shift.

The upcoming Culture Shift 2 will take place at The Rabbit Hole in Plaza Midwood, this coming Friday, July 13. The show will feature three of the areas most exciting and unique musical acts, art vendors, and fun for everyone attending. If you’re typically a wallflower, this show will force you to move your feet. The night begins with local favorites Gonzo, followed by up and coming funk band Akita, and the night will be rounded out by the loopy madness of Aarodynamics

Patrick brought his band Akita over with the boys from Gonzo for a chat couple weeks ago on our PAP Live program and we talked all things Culture Shift.


PAP: So Patrick, tell us a little bit about Culture Shift.


Patrick: [Culture shift] came about from wanting to do something different in Charlotte, because the local Charlotte scene needs some help in my opinion. I thought that we could do that by making something more legitimate. To have an event happening instead of just a show. People don’t really care about a show. But if there’s an event, and you actually take time to make a flyer and you make it a whole thing and you actually put time into promoting it, then people are going to come out.


Charlie Lamprecht(Akita, sax): I did not honestly know how passionate I was about this until I started talking about it. I think what Culture Shift is, is it’s an experience. When you go see a band you just get the music. Or you go to a club you just get the vibe and the drinks. But Culture Shift is just the whole experience of bringing fun, and it’s the whole atmosphere that comes with it. It’s not the individual parts, it’s the sum of all of it.


Patrick: Yeah, and as the curator behind it I want to grow it, I want to have art vendors. I want to do it outside eventually. I came up with the name because I wanted to use the name for a music festival. So, that’s the end goal. Two or three years from now having Culture Shift the music festival.


PAP: So you want to make it into a whole festival?


Patrick: That’s the thing. I love promoting, and my personality bodes well for that. And if you can do it through a band, instead of just a promoter, it’s a lot more fun that way. And I have to say that a lot of the work that has gone into it, and the success of it has come from the knowledge that I gained from a really good friend of mine, Bill Shivel,  who ran Bass Church for a number for years. Without him, kinda taking me under his wing for a number of years, and teaching me a lot of stuff…I don’t think the band would have the traction that it has so far.

Tomi Gulden(Gonzo, keys): I’m super excited about this show, because, you know what. We did a mesh up show at Elizabeth Billiards, and it sounded so great. Everybody was dancing. It was unreal, and this’ll be the second show we’ve done with them. And if it’s anywhere near as explosive as Elizabeth Billiards….whoa.

 Patrick: It will be, because nobody knows this yet…but when we do the second Culture Shift, the last set that’s played will be Aarodynamics. And after his set, every member of every band is going to get up on stage and play.



Sounds like this will be an event you’re not going to want to miss.

To watch the whole episode, check out the video here:

Pre-order your tickets here:

Or just come on out to the Rabbit Hole on Friday, July 13 at 9:00pm

The Rabbit Hole:




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