Episode 4: Matthew Church

This episode’s guest is Matthew Church. Matthew is a solo artist, singer in a metal band, and a professional wrestler.


This was the first time that I’ve done an interview completely out of my element. Not only was I recording out of studio for the first time, but I was also using my mobile recording setup for the first time. And on top of that…..I’d never met Matthew in person.


Matt comes across as a super confident, and positive guy, which seems to be exactly who he is. He’s been a performance artist for most of his life, and he exudes that personality. Basically he’s the kind of guy I’d bring home to mom, if I was a guy who brought guys home to mom. Just seeing if you guys were reading the notes.


I’ve put some dates and links below to check out.


Please comment, and let me know how I’m doing. I know people are listening, but I’m not sure how I’m doing. My insecurities exude from me, like the sweat of a boar on the Serengeti. I have also used the word “exudes” twice in a post. Well, three times really.


So this concludes the writing portion of this exercise.


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3/23    One Mic Stand @ Wired Coffee Express, Kannapolis, NC

4/03    Performing @ Sunshine’s, Kannapolis, NC


4/29    With Key of Betrayal @ Somewhere Else Tavern, Greensboro, NC


Matthew Church

Key Of Betrayl

WiredCoffeeEspress Facebook Page


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