Episode 9: Shake Down Festival 2017

Shake down festival 2017…. I only had a few days to get ready for this and come up with a plan. Let me first say that Fred and his team did a great job organizing the event and setting up the bands. So….This is a new format for a show, and I really like how it turned out….so I hope to bring a few more of these to you before the season is over. I mean….I’m chilling under an easy-up talking to people while great music is happening behind me all weekend. I had the hammock up……anyway, I’ll put in the show notes where each interview begins so you can fast forward to hear them, but I think you’ll enjoy the way I’ve strung them together.

Shoney Lamar from The Lady Comes First 4:50

First up was half of the duo The Lady Comes First. Unfortunately Adrienne was sick, so Shoney Lamar went on for a scrabbled together solo set of originals and covers. Shoney’s body of work is really incredible in its own right, but as a duo TLCF is just such a powerful performance to watch. Their unlikely harmonies and the journeys they both take musically and vocally leaves me wanting more every time. So if you haven’t checked them out, for sure go check out their website for some eye opening genre splitting stuff. I got to catch up with shoney for my first interview of the day…..


Lovely Budz 15:55

The Lovely Budz are a local reggae/dub band, that I would compare, at least to me, they are cut from a similar cloth as such national acts as The Expendables and The Dirty Heads….but there is something more there. As such a young band, I am really looking forward to where these guys go on this journey. The rythms laid down by drummer Kody Farris and Bassist Clifton Bundick are complemented by the spot on vocals and guitar of lead singer Tyler Vickery. They have a catalog of several originals, which they played, and they wend on to do a pretty unique rendition of Bad Fish that, for this cat who saw sublime live….. was better than sublime played it. sacrilegious I know, but I’m a huge sublime fan…….they just weren’t that great live. Sorry….. But these cats are spot on with their timing and instrumentation. Not just with that one cover, but with all of their songs. They swing by the tent, for what I hope is only the first of many conversations.


Matt Minchew and Heavy Water 23:30

Matt Minchew is a country artist, who you can just tell, has lots of stories to tell, but he’s to humble to tell them unsolicited. But where he tells them is in song. I’m not a big country fan, but when he went on stage with his band, Heavy Water, I couldn’t stop listening. His song writing skills are highlighted by the tight sound he and his band put on. I got a chance to sit down with Ben for a little bit….have a listen.



Lisa De Novo 27:15

Lisa De Novo is a woman who’s exudes “girl-power.” Her lively and straight forward personality shine through in her music and art, and she really draws you in with the catchyness of her music. But while I’d shy away from calling it pop, it definitely has a familiar and easy listening angle to it. She lists her influences as being such powerful female artists as Mariah Carey, Joss Stone, and Fiona Apple. I was struck with how honest she is as I got to talk to her. And I hope to be able to do a more in depth conversation down the road…..


Frankie Gene Courtney 30:50

Frankie Gene Courtney is a Concord boy, who’s song writing ability has taken him to Nashville, where he is now honing his craft full time. He’s got a laid back, kid next door vibe to him, that makes him very approachable. He went on stage to perform a solo act, playing several song from his upcoming lp. He discussed his song writing process with me, and we talked about what’s coming up next for this talented young man. Have a listen.


HL from The Kodiak Brotherhood 36:38

The Kodiak Brotherhood is a local alternative country band that is made up of dudes who play in all sorts of other projects. Lead by Guitarist and Singer HL Ruth these guys are at the prefect crossroads where country, blues, and rock converge. I did a really quick interview with HL….and I’m not sure why. I was kinda tired and had been in the sun I guess. But I owe it to those guys to do a real show on them, because all of those guys have been in other pretty well known bands from the area, and I’m sure they have some great opinioins and stories about the Charotte Music Scene


Grade-A-Grooves 39:52

Grade A Grooves………..I really had no idea what to expect from these guys, and I gotta say…..I was impressed. Uncle Tree introduced himself backstage as I was talking to the Lovely Budz. Then there is the kilted bass player known as Fro Man. And…..I’m not being an agist….but an older dude on drums named Bam Bam. These guys are just getting started folks, and watch out for them. Uncle Trees passion for his song writing mixed with Fro’s showmanship, blended down with the drumming of Bam Bam….who joined the band in the most amazingly 21st century way, makes for an eclectic mixture of grooves and party music that it is impossible not to smile while watching.


Gonzo 48:10

Gonzo……..where do I start with them. Gonzo is everything I wanted to have in my own rock and roll band when I was a kid. It’s like……it’s like what all the cool kids are doing. These guys mix funk, punk, groove…..whatever it is…it’s great. And the show is just so wild and reminiscent of when corporate shills hadn’t yet embedded themselves down into the gut of rock and roll. I’d make an Infectious Grooves reference, but I don’t think anyone remembers them. But….yeah…..I really wasn’t equipped to interview the 27 people they brought with, complete with cameraman, a pit bull, and a dude swinging some sort of ninja appearing device. But I loved every minute of this conversation. I wish I’d left the mic’s on after, but it’s probably a good thing I didn’t…So sorry about the background, but this is worth the listen.


Randi from Indighost 55:56

Unfortunately, i was unable to watch Indighost‘s set. But as you could hear in the last two interviews, they absolutely killed it. Indighost is a died in the wool alternative psychedelic rock band. As pure as it gets, and as talented as it gets. Listening to them puts me back at a Sonic Youth show in Portland circa 1994. The rawness, and clearness of singer Randi’s lyrics swim in a sea of fuzzy melodies thick with rock and blues. Most of the band had to pack up and get out of there, but I did get to sit down with Randi for a couple of minutes to talk about what they have going on.


Fred Heints from Late Night Special 1:04.00

Fred Heintz is not only the lead singer of Late Night Special, he’s also the founder of Shakedown Festival. And unfortunately, like Indighost, I wasn’t able to check out the performance. But…..I could hear it. Late Night Special has a very smooth and easily digested sound. Folk lyrics and a pop rock sound highlight this band and their catchy tunes. LNS is currently working on finishing up an album, so they have been super busy travelling back and forth from Nashville. And on top of that Fred, along with several dedicated volunteers organized a great festival. Fred swung by at the end of the night for a conversation that had me wanting to get to know him better. He’s a humble and gracious man. So, for the last interview of the show, have a listen to Mr. Fred Heintz

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