Failover’s Big Holiday

Part 1: Athens to Kansas City


Failover’s Big Holiday

Part 1: Athens to Kansas City
Submitted by: James McMahen
Photos by: Jesse Erts and Derek Sjoblom


I first met Jesse Erts at the Shakedown Festival in June. He was young, energetic….well, he still is young and energetic. Hew as there as the front man for Grade-A-Grooves, a band we went on to feature in episode 11 of Piedmont Artist Profiles. The second thing he told me was that he was going on a cross-country motorcycle trip with Derek Sjoblom

as part of their promoting Failover Radio.

“Failover what?” I asked

He went on to tell me about a streaming audio player that Derek had developed that streamed local and regional artists in a 24 hr streaming format. And they were going to set out on their bikes in search of new artists in other cities to help spread our local artists to those cities, and to bring those cities’ artists to us.

Jesse lounges in his hammock…the only way to traverse thew USA.

“Cool….who’s Derek?”

I never actually got to meet Derek that weekend. I think the first time I met him in person was at their going away party at High Branch Brewing in Concord. The guys told me about their mission, and the route they planned to take.

Wait, I lied, I met him when I recorded Grade A Grooves for their episode, Episode 11.

Anyway, the boys went on their trip, and had an amazing time, and dare I say grew a little as people. A couple weeks after their return, once the sunburn and temporary tinnitus subsided, they came down to the Snow Peak Studios, and relived the trip with me.

I will be bringing you that interview in 15-20 minute intervals over the next couple of weeks. So be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the trip.

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