Lovely Budz Bring The Vibes

Lovely Budz Bring the Islands Back With Them
Submitted By: Mick
On a characteristically damp July night in Charlotte, I found my way into a cocoonof tropical vibes as Jahlistic performed on the stage at the Visulite Theatre.
I was here to check out the Lovely Budz at their return to Charlotte show
after tour of US Virgin Islands.
Jahlistic is a local band fronted by Tania Vejar, who stands before the crowd cradling a ukelele and singing songs of unity and
resistance. The roots style mixed with a definite latin twist is poignant in this day and age. I only caught the last 3 songs, but they have a bright future for sure. The tight rhythms of Ezequiel Aloise backed up by Anthony Crane on bass and Joel Aloise on guitar had the whole place groovin.
Up next were my buds the Lovely Budz. Young and edgy, the Lovely Budz always bringa unique blend of progressive rock mixed into crunchy dub bass lines and the drums….oh the drums. Drummer Kody Farris’  full head of hair flies all over presenting a spectacular display
reminiscent of Animal from The Muppets. Bassist Clifton Bundick has such a deliberate posture, and with his small stature commanding his 5 string bass, he always draws the attention of the audience. And in front of all of this is Tyler Vickery wailing on                                                                    the guitar and on his voice.
Playing mostly originals, a song that really just
blue me away was a cover of Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together. Tyler’s vocal style
lends both a familiar cadence to the song, but it is sonically doing something
completely different. Sweeping up and down in volume, it’s enough to make any
music fan smile at the execution of it.
The boys won’t be back for a while, but the next
time they are, people need to pack that joint and see this shooting star of a
band that is only being held back by time. They will make a name in this game,
and I’m proud to say that they’re from right here in the Piedmont.
Stay tuned for an in depth episode featuring the
band here in Snow Peak Studios. I can’t wait.


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