The Lovely Budz Spread Happiness

The Lovely Budz came to Snow Peak Studios, the vibe was infectious

The Lovely Budz came to Snow Peak Studios, the vibe was infectious

Submitted by: Ade Herbert
Photos by : Lovely Budz

Lovely Budz in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Yeah…soooo…one day, Mick let me know Lovely Budz was coming through to do an interview and acoustic mini-set in the studio. He’d been raving about them since seeing them play at the Summer Shakedown Fest earlier in the summer, so I was definitely intrigued to meet them and hear what they had.

Being the absent-minded ass I can be at times, though, I had completely forgotten about this session occurring. So I wake up one Saturday morning and hit Mick up to see if he was gonna watch our man Bubba Wallace run the NASCAR Truck race in Michigan, and if so, where.

SIDE NOTE: I met Mick (as well as most of my friends here in the Piedmont) through NASCAR. That is another story for another day that I’m sure will be published here.

Eco-tent camping at Cinnamon Bay

Anyway, Mick let me know he wouldn’t be watching the race because Lovely Budz was rolling through at 1 pm. I immediately remembered that I was supposed to be there as well, meaning I also wouldn’t be watching the race. I made a note to do something about my lack of short-term memory, jumped in the shower and headed off to the metropolis of Concord, NC.

Keep in mind, this particular Saturday was the morning following that dumb ass “Unite the Mouth-Breathers” tiki-torch party in Virginia. I wasn’t particularly in a positive mind state about that shit and decided what would make me feel better about it all was the ULTIMATE comfort food … House Special Lo Mein and chicken wings from the Chinese restaurant.

Cause fuck your nationalism!

But anyway, I grabbed my Chinese food and made my way to the studio.

Mick and I shoot the shit about the previous night for a while and then the band shows up. We went up to the drive to meet them, and though it was evident that this was an early morning for them (it was after 1 pm, lol), these cats exuded a sense of chill-ivity (yep, just made it up) that I hadn’t experienced in a while. 

And I desperately needed some “chill-ivity” in that moment.

Greetings were exchanged, introductions were made and we headed in. Lovely Budz was pretty fresh off a 12-day, 10-show engagement bouncing between St. John and St. Thomas in the US Virgin Isles. Mick and I were pretty stoked to hear about it.

As they settled into the lounge chairs in the basement, music immediately began to flow; from some guitar noodling and percussion, to a fresh freestyle by Clifton, I kinda felt I was in for an interesting experience with these cats.

And I was.

From their road stories about their first time outside the U.S. as a band (What up, Save The Day Jay?!), and then walking it all the way back to their first Open Mic, the Lovely Budz story kept pulling me in.

Then they hit into their first song.

Spread Good Lovin’ gets in you rather early. The staccato riff that opens the tune puts you right in the pocket and you’re perfectly setup to help them spread that good shit all around! It reminded me of something you’d hear while on vacation for a Caribbean getaway…meaning, it’s pretty authentic and legit vibes.


Now, these guys are young, I think. (I have to do better write-up research. I’ll get better, I promise). But they play with a groove that makes you feel like they’ve found the sweet spot to this living thing: live right by yourself and others, elevate your mind (y’all know what I mean) and make dope ass music!

I was awed. Honestly. They made me forget about all the other bullshit for just a little while. And I appreciated that.


Then they played another song.

This one hit me harder than Spread Good Lovin’. Or I was getting higher…who knows. I’m going with the former.

When they told the story behind the inspiration for Happiness, I immediately thought about the crazy shit me and my boys went through when we were younger. It was almost a story straight from the Crescendo Chronicles (stories from my boy band days). But even more entertaining than the story (every one of interest came out okay, btw) was the composition of the song.

It’s long. It weaves through different movements. But in all clichéd honesty…Happiness, the title track to their new EP, made me a little happy. The music was interesting. It kept my attention as it bounced around on time signatures and chord changes. What called me most though was one of the phrases in the tune: “please don’t rob us of our happiness.”

Seriously. Please don’t. Life is challenging enough without the added weight of other people’s bullshit. Lovely Budz showed me that day that the healing elixir known as music was still working. I’m sticking with that.

Be happy and let others feel the same. It’s just that simple.


You can check Lovely Budz out on Spotify and other digital channels. Make sure to catch them Live as well, as their energy is positive and infectious. These cats are For Real. Authentic. Dope.

And a word of advice straight from their mouths: while driving down the road in the U.S. Virgin Isles with your rum bottle visibly in your hand…wear a shirt. You damned hippie.

P.S. Bubba won that NASCAR race in Michigan that day. Literally beating them at their own game. Take that, mouth-breathers.

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