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You Know That Time…..
Submitted by Shane Manier

I was recently asked at a meeting

“how did you guys get to where you are now” and they expected the same thing everyone else says, examples of people to try to partner with, tips on planning – but they had told me about a group they were in that could of been great but fell apart.

So here’s the correct answer, the one other groups don’t want to admit or tell.

You know that time when you feel like you should quit? Well you don’t. You take the soccer punch to the chest and you remember why you are out here.

You know that time when you hold an event and no one really shows? Well you invest in more marketing and hold another. And another. And another.

You know that time when someone comes along and tries to manipulate you and ride along when they just out for self? You lock em out and you seek out those with thunderous hearts.

You know that time when someone was talking crap because they didn’t get it? You don’t keep quiet, you show them why it matters, you tell the whole dang world why it matters, and how hard you stand behind it.

You know that time when you were tired and hungry? Well you drink a cup of coffee and eat a protein bar for dinner and press on.

You know that time you were sick and the group needed you? You show up anyway.

You know that time a member died and you felt like folding it all in? You remember what they stood for and you hold that space to stand.

You know that time when you felt hopeless and that you didn’t matter? You become thankful for the natural ability for your ego to check it’s own self and you make yourself matter more. You create hope when you have none.

You know that time when you felt down and was in no position to help anyone? You realize you are in the perfect position to help those in the dark around you, you been in and out of here before, show them the way out.

You know that time when you felt like everyone thought you were a joke and that your attempts were futile? You show them how fruitful they are – you make sure by your stance that your heart and your mission are no laughing matter.

You wanna know how to get somewhere? You go. You go and you go and you go and you admit to yourself there IS NO END GOAL. The goal is to go. 

You go despite.
You go on love.
You go on in faith. 

You go because it’s what feels right, deep down under everyone else’s projections and your own illusions and distortions, it beats there. It makes you ask me the question of “how” because deep down you are still trying to go… So…. GO….

*Shane Manier is a Charlotte based poet, author and painter. She founded the Guerilla Poets and continues to make her mark on this city through her outreach and art. You can find her on Facebook and her fellow Guerilla Poets on their website here.

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