6 More Weeks of Winter….Here’s 6 events this weekend to keep you going.

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Well, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow…

At least that’s what we’re supposed to believe if we find men who dress as pilgrims and talk to groundhogs say. So with that in mind…there are plenty of good reasons to get out and support local art this weekend, and really none for staying home on the couch. What are you going to do there? Watch TV and thumb through Twitter while you peg your anxiety levels on max, only to be driven to the kitchen to satiate it with some delicious microwave burritos?




Starving Artist Market at Lenny Boy Brewing


It’s about that time to buy your sweetheart a Valentine’s Day gift…. don’t succumb to the corporate pressure and buy some compressed piece of carbon that’s been sitting on this rock for millions of years that’s been soldered to a shiny yellow malleable metal. Buy them something new and made by the hands of dedicated artists and craftspeople.

“From bath products, jewelry, candles, accessories, beadwork, silk screening, woodwork, prints, paintings, carvings, gift sets, bakeries, chocolate, pottery…. the list goes on and on! ”

So get on out and buy your lover a bar of homemade goat milk soap. Or maybe they already have enough soap, and they need some beads to adorn their neck. Whatever that special gift is, you’ll find it at the Starving Artist Market

Time: 2-7pm
Location: Lenny Boy Brewing





NORML Charlotte’s Annual Mardi Grass Fundraiser

An evening with local music and comedy while supporting a cause that is long overdue is a win-win for everybody. I could write so much in this post, but it would just hi-jack it…and most of what I believe can go unsaid. All’s I know is this…back home in Oregon, people who were perennially unemployed are now gainfully employed. And that’s just good economics.

There is a huge list of acts for this show, so swing by the Facebook page linked in the header and check it out. Make sure you let them know you’re coming to show support by clicking “Going”. But then you have to actually show up. I wonder what the actual “Going” to Actually Went is.

Location: Three Spirits Brewery
Time: 5-9pm



The Spencer Bloodworth Project at Legion Brewing

The Bloodworth Project is a group of local musicians that bring together a combination of sounds that will soothe even the un-funkiest of beasts.

Part jam, part blues, part rock…it’s like a Jambalaya of sound. And you can enjoy it with a pint of Legion’s Dos Amigos.

Location: Legion Brewing
Time: 8-11pm




DüK Tan at the Rabbit Hole

A rare chance to see one of the areas greatest and most elusive bands when they open up for Asheville’s Emma’s Lounge and NYC’s Consider the Source. DüK Tan is a wild blend of rock, funk, hip-hop, and bluegrass. Yes…you heard that right…rock, funk, hip-hop, and bluegrass.

These veterans bring the ruckus for all you muhfuckahs. And you will enjoy every minute of their set. I promise.

Location: The Rabbit Hole
Time: 9p-1:30a



Asheville Invasion at The Neighborhood Theatre

The Travers Brothership takes the stage Saturday night at the Neighborhood Theatre with fellow Asheville band Dr. Bacon. Both of these bands bring an energy-packed show that will have you dancing and grooving right along.

Location: Neighborhood Theatre
Time: 9pm


Who Needs Football When You Have Punk Rock?

Skip the overproduced commercials and over-hyped football. Your Panthers aren’t in it…and besides…we know New England’s gonna win it.

Besides, everyone is gonna be hungover at work the next day anyway, so staying out late on a school night won’t even be a thing.

Houston and the Dirty Rats, DuMpSter Service, Mike Defendant and Katrina Jo….what a badass lineup. From heavy metal electric to acoustic folk punk, this will have you raging for days inside and smiling outside. Which is the least punk-rock thing I could ever write.

15 year old me is so sad right now.

Oh well…fuck it…get out and rage at The Milestone.

Location: The Milestone
Time: 9pm


Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to check out our first live-streamed show Sunday 2/4/18 at 3 pm on our YouTube channel.

Love you mean it.





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